There are paths and persons known to each other

Since the couple began to date one another.

Her hair flowing over his shoulder used to rejoice;

And how sweet did sound the sweetheart’s voice!  


Unexpected chats though without themes were bright

And thus continued endlessly night after night.

The gates usually were not shut at that section:

Unchained dogs followed us, barking to no objection.  


Covering her sight from the dazzle with a small hand,

There was a schoolgirl with homework gone bland;

Stirred in her innermost virginal soul of a gal,

She seemed to dream a moment of some future pal...



Here tonight to this old path familiar since long ago

We are coming back to revive our youth glow.

Husband and wife at dogs barking and running after

Look at one another, convulsed with laughter.  


Were our love in those green days let to disappear,

How could we have our easy mind in this night sphere:

We walk on the old path of familiarity permanent

And embrace in our four arms the wide firmament...