Love me like the sea waves amuse the soft sand

Warm rosy sunbeams on it lovingly pat and land

So my lips taste forever the lasting sweet stream

While your tight embrace draws me to dream


Do rub, chafe me for my body to grow hot well

My two shoulders shake, my two breasts swell

Rock my soul to ocean vast, to mountain high

The taste of skin and flesh my tongue doped by


Let us hang upon each other, intertwine warmly

Throughout this night so unforgettably stormy

Dedicate to each other our youth’s love nectar

So that we will never deal with regret’s specter


Like bees and butterflies to suck flowers’ pistil

Disregarding sky and earth even human life distal

Out in the moonlight twinkling dew drops salute

The trunk brews sap so the branches bloom fruit


All living beings do bang, attached in full feather

As the law of nature, couples do stick together

Do not leave me alone throughout the cold night

The young woman will sulk, resent in a sad plight


Translation by THANH-THANH