I wish to be a tree, if this human life may change,

To test the axe hack my body deeply at any range;

In the flickering fire sea, taste myself burnt smelling;

Suffer dictatorship; try to live loyal against quelling.


If this human life may change, I wish to be a field,

To bear pesticides; choke to reek of chemicals sealed;

Sustain storms, stingers, caterpillars, even drought;

Abide saline flow, floods, volcano, tsunamis that rout.


To be an ocean, if this human life may change, I wish

To stand strong oil spread, malodorous drifting fish;

Grieve at exhausted resources, sad I am unable to say;

Make efforts to strain; writhe with pain to rise my way.


I wish, if this human life may change, well, to be air

To essay forever smoke, dust; stifling noons to bear;

Challenge stuffy atmosphere caused by selfish gangs;

Brook deafening noises; stay Death that ready hangs.


Still being in this human life, what shall I have to do?

How much have I received? How to repay? To who?

What have I destroyed? Repentant have I ever to be?

To change this life!  Will Mother Nature satisfy me?


Translation by THANH-THANH