I only wish

You were a flower:

I pin you on my pocket, close to my heart,

To cherish your fragrance; above all you tower.


I only wish

You were dew:

On my long road, in unfavorable weather,

I am wet with frost; I bathe in you.


I only wish

You were a bird:

I take with me the litte pretty pet

To have your sweet love songs always heard.


I only wish

You were the muse:

I adore the masterpieces,

Passion for you into all my youth to infuse.


But, darling, I am so afraid!  If you were

A flower: crowds would feast their eyes upon you!

Frost: folks would venture into wind and dew!

A bird: spreading your wings, high sky to recover,

You would fly off and quit this lover!

Poetry: you are the outstanding verse,

I am not able to broider with words too terse,

Although I dote on you with all my heart!

And thus, I yield to your trend.  Do your part!

My joys of life on you depend...  



         Vietnamese poem by V ĐNH TIN

         English translation by THANH-THANH