The sky has turned into autumn, hasn't it, my dear?

Why no warm sun to warm blankets, blinds here?

Without sound the cold breeze is slowly to blow

With green glare why is there such human shadow?


What letter are you writing in the moon so ably?

Please help me achieve one and send it to Phoebe.

Beyond the ocean there've been devastated times,

The Milky Way's become cold snow white climes.


I'm not aware of what's familiar and/or strange.

Or the air and the land only belong to your range!

Whenever half the star is bright, half the star clear,

Then your gaunt autumn black glinting eyes veer!


Does it seem that when autumn returns leaves err?

Moving by means of each eye's foot, hand's finger,

Or of the breath within the domain of your hair

To walk after me, to follow me without my flair?


Oh, I have been in a divided mind, got lost, fit?

You have never mentioned the leaves would split! 

The deer would not come back to the jungle gray?

The streams deserted, sky and earth swept away!


I am fatuous, silly? Still drunk you have grown!

Has love leaven made wine lost and clouds blown?

The moon has never asked why fall forgets its style,

Grass and herbs wither, lose their hue, as in exile!


And then autumn will be absent forever, always?

The wild woods an infinite sea of frost and haze,

The birds will no longer sing/twitter on the hedge,

My vision become blue, I go to the vagabond edge!


Don't weep for others! Continue to cry; no bound!

The three thousand worlds will redound, resound.

Whether your heart feels a biting cold, do not fear!

Bewail for ever, my dear, you have me always here!


Even the sky's turned into autumn, there's no fall?

The fog at various stages is blocking the alley all.

Your words, noise, voice by the weather will stray?

There is no autumn sound along my nomadic way.


Translation by THANH-THANH