You, the image that can never fade from my mind

Which I have seen since I was still a baby affined,

In those green years, you were the young dad

Who loved and humored me memories so glad! 


You did everything to entertain me, your treasure,

With fairy stories and legends that give pleasure;

Whenever I cried, you acted the fool to create joy;

For me to play, your made many an attractive toy. 


You took the part of cow to pull or horse to ride

For me to straddle long times without being tired.

When I got weary of, you changed to a new game

(At hide-and-seek: you always missed your aim!) 


Simple things but are vast sentiments from above,

I could experience Dad's heart, your deep love.

Not necessary to endure thunderstorms that rend,

Even in normal life, I do need you so as to defend.  


Despite the numerous rivers long and far remote

I traveled down, and I took so many a ferry boat,

So often for me to estimate the depth of the ocean,

Who could sound the caliber of parental devotion?  


Your children have grown up, and by experiment

Just as you've done, I now act the role of a parent.

Ageless, the dad is always a young vaudevillian

While playing with his tots and grandchildren. 


You told the old stories, related each ancient game,

The jokes, any child would enjoy and acclaim.

Paternal, maternal granddads light-hearted, gay,

Again serve as cows, horses for offspring to play. 


It turns out that you and we (as I) am still the dad

All life the dad to render our cherished kids glad.  

Your grandchildren are like us in infancy, naive;

You love and stick to them, never want to leave.  


Translation by  THANH-THANH