There were times I imagined that I was a cascade,

An effusive artesian well, I boundlessly displayed,

Thousand years wandering, on the horizon driving

To forget my infelicitous fate, the distress surviving.


There were times I wanted to be a small wave

To hover, swash, as a white horse free to behave,

Dashed by ships as predestined gliding in monsoon,

Singing when night falls, dancing with the moon.


There were times I wished I had become insane,

Strolling amid life’s markets, this earthly domain,

Watching people’s ups and downs, much to agonize,

To cast off depression, sorrow, so that nothing ties.


There were times I desired my soul to fly very high

To avoid vicissitudes, away from this world awry,

Tried to break up loneliness, deep dreams, however,

I encountered my shadow, forlorn for ever and ever.


Translation by Thanh-Thanh