Women here worked. Your mom did too.

To her husband her livelihood was not due.

Each time she felt too satiated she got a divorce

In spite of lonesome children, without remorse.


Women there did not work, so didnít my mom.

She depended on her husband everything from.

Any time he felt dissatisfied he took a new wife

In disregard of her and the kidsí helpless life.


The kids, you and I, didnít have a nearby dad.

The male parentís absence caused us to be sad.

And our moms had to find each another mate;

The fake fathers only made us dislike or hate.


And the mothers had new kids with new men;

And we had half-brothers and half-sisters then,

Step-brothers and step-sisters, not to mention:

Flesh-and-blood with not sank in contention.


The privations we had to suffer in our infancy

And the grief we got was mental stringency.

Children grew up with that legacy they bore.

The tragedy repeated as it used to be before.


Well, it is now time for us to put on our cloaks

Supposedly to play the roles of our old folks.

But, with science, technology, soar like kites:

Sex revolution, women rights, children rights.


Pregnant teenagers, juvenile single mothers,

Fatherless babies, HIV and AIDS, and others.

To think of the same plight for our own kids

What choices should we try to make our bids?


Western civilization is so absorbing a sphere:

The gals there have followed the girls here.

You would instinctively take part in such evil

Regardless of any social or moral retrieval.


I advocate those who appeal to ethical values,

Who have lived their lives in the due avenues,

And young ladies with abstinence pledge fresh:

Independent from the flirts and from the flesh.