Youd better a thousand cups of toxic wine for me to pour

Than any sarcastic comments to make Its so sore!

Send me, send me into the whirlwind

For me vaguely, vaguely to reach the summit, chagrined.


Here! Pour for me each cup of bitter damnation

For me to laugh, to laugh in traumatization.

Pour more, pour more, my dear, this empty cup to fill,

And get intoxicated for me, intoxicated for me, as ever still.


Ascend the throne! Do not tremble, do not fear!

I am so drunken, so drunken, as even the idol to blear.

The night is staying there; I sit here, listen to the wind howl;

Mixed with its repercussion echoes the errant waves growl.


Pour more! Then, tomorrow I will return to the strange zone

For me, for me to get so sorry, peak and pine to bemoan.

There is no more wine? Well, let me say good-bye!

This life, this love too would eventually run awry.


Hey! Drink with me one drop of sad separation

For me to leave within the vast nostalgic duration.

Do not also say to me any fervent word sentiment-bound,

Because the river is long: It still is long I still drift around.


Translation by THANH-THANH