I have seen an old woman woebegone to bare:

Her children and their beds have no time to care.                   
She lived with co-sufferers in the home for the aged;
Gaunt, for relationship pined, about condition raged.

I have met an old man alone, sometimes staggering;

His grandchildren clatter with lemans swaggering.

He got to the mart playing with pals of same range

Rather than staying home as a disregarded, strange.

I have feared that when decrepit, doting to deliver,
Or ailing, hard of hearing, needing some caregiver,
I would also have to follow certain so pitiable soul,

Entering the retreat to inurn such distress and dole.

But Nature has deigned to mercy the fair and square,

Allowing me to live long and my health not to wear; 

Offspring, grand/great kindred unite, delight shows;

Not yet equal to these, but already ahead of those.


Thank you all, Life, Humanity, and the World dear,
And my children, their seed, for being so sincere

In loving, minding, visiting me during my old age:

I may feel younger, stronger, each day a new page.

Then, when comes the day I depart, end this travel,

I will be smiling satisfied, the nothingness to unravel;

My descendants will be content with their chutzpah,
Nowadays to pamper such way their Dad, Grandpa.


English version by THANH-THANH

on his 86th birthday