I  stand here  and  look at your residing place
Through a full-of-clouds-and-sunshine space.
Quiet are lines of trees and mild the sun spread;
Half-way clouds hang down and more moved I get.


I stand here and gaze upon the zone you abide
Over barbed wires and stony walls that divide.
Quite a lot of life sights very familiar but unusual
Occur every morning and evening repeatedly dual.


I stand here and observe our dear former abode
Some hundreds of kilometers hence apart a road.
Memories of those days are numerous to treasure
And countless to miss and love you to my pleasure.


I stand here today to look back on the ancient times
Reaching to bygone dates, rushing to old climes.
A universe of muse, a sky of starlight you did bring
Perfumes and flowers manifold the spirit of spring.


I stand here today to think of the past and hate
The vicissitudes as our country and people’s fate.
What a pity lonely you are spending every night!
I promise to reunite with you when ends this plight.


I stand here today to look forward to tomorrow
Nurturing dreams about our future free from sorrow.
There are our Happiness, Motherland, Love, Life,
And for hereafter so many plans, so much to strive.


Translation by THANH-THANH