In the morning wind our date turned into a new scene.

The fishing boat hid behind the canal's reeds as screen,

To reserve only for me to enjoy my whole first love

That was sliding into the carnal desire above.


Oh, affairs of this world: life is full of dust!

What has more meaning than love surrender, trust?

The forbidden fruit is for the one who is daring;

Pleasure often occurs outside the traditional bearing.


Our two stark naked bodies each other cuddled;

Kisses were passionate, lips greedy in a state fuddled;

His life bud grew crimson, to the utmost spread,

Kept on gliding headlong into my delight hole its head.


In the morning wind, holding his buttocks tight

I felt my body steaming hot each fit at its height.

He acted at will, pricked, deeper and deeper thrust;

Both of us soared into the sensual paradise as a gust.


In the morning wind his sweet-smelling love sap

Spurt, condensed and slippery, flowing into my gap.

I gave him vermilion blood stains fresh though mute

While he expressed himself by instinct as a male brute.


Translation by THANH-THANH