I have passed half the circumference of the earth;                

Now that I have met you, the first time I fall for.

Any charcoal fire is much less valued,

Because its heat contains no spiritual life’s core...


The amorous heart is the noble heart;

Entering it I feel warmer than being a fireplace by.

Oh my affectionate soul! so immense, infinite,

I  have waited every minute for your love to reify.


My darling! please understand my sentiment:

How I feel cold through nights in the lonely room.

I wish I might have you cherish me dawn till dusk

So that my solitary soul stays no more in gloom.


My life will not be any longer tenebrous

Like evening dew to mist the countryside line.

Oh my sweetheart! how I feel awkward,

Not able to express enough new feelings of mine.


I only see all the inspiring joy in my depths rise

If I may be offered a life beside you to realize...


Translation by THANH-THANH