It is likely that a little rain may wring my heart,

a little sun suffices to make my sadness smart;

Perhaps the night is late but the lights not off yet;

the day has ended but the sundown I still regret.

Love million times is not probably seen to offer;

very much given but thought not yet to proffer.

I can forget someone but then I again remember,

for my heart although little is a limitless ember.

Oh, beauty! through time who does comprehend?

I have departed but do not see the return trend.

My two wings in the blood vessels throb, beat,  

As if they want off those cells to fly out, fleet.

I am grateful... to flowers (they will fall though),

to clouds (they will dissolve albeit, as I know),    

to Life, notwithstanding cruelty being natural,

to Humans, in spite of treachery being connatural.

and to God, but whimsically, He is thus kind

to have granted me this sound soul, meek mind.

That honest heart, regardless of nobody's demand

I keep offering to everyone as my sociable stand.


 Translation by THANH-THANH