I am still indebted to my ancestors and nation.
Oh Vietnam! why I can never soothe my frustration?
My love of our fatherland fervently boils in my blood
The military service had not satisfied my aspiration.

I still owe my dad and my mom for their kindness
So deep that the Pacific Oceanís depth is a dubiety.
The high and big Mt. Everest isnít worth mentioning;
My life is burdened with duties towards society.

I am still indebted to the world,
Having to contribute to the defense of my land.
A he-man of the times with heavy responsibilities,
I have had to live in exile to maintain my sand.

I am still indebted to my family and friends,
But how time limits human life.
Happiness isnít yet complete, joy neither perfect,
So I am reproached by buddies, kids and wife.

I am in debt and still in debt,
Owed to neighbors, even to future peers.
Generation succeeds generation
To witness Vietnam change its colors and spheres.

Innate ambitions havenít been fulfilled;
My country has still been pushed into malposition.
When will Liberty and Democracy come true
For my compatriots to end their wretched condition?

On that day our national yellow flag will proudly fly,
Our peopleís heart and soul rejoice at its height;
And reveling in reviving the old bright times
We expatriates return to our Motherland in delight.



Translation by THANH-THANH