Today I will watch the sun
As it leaves the velvet skỵ
Today I will gaze at the moon
As it shines throughout the night.
Today I will not let my fears
Control my hopes and dreams.
Today I will not judge people
For how they look or seem.
Today I will smile at my enemies
And walk away with pridẹ
Today I will speak my mind
And not keep everything insidẹ
Today I will sing as loud as I can
And really hear my voicẹ
Today I will make my own decision
And be able to live with that choicẹ
Today I will take a chance
Rather than being afraid.
Today I will try not to hurt
People with what I saỵ

Today I will listen
To that voice in my heart,
And not confuse it with my head.
Today I will follow
The road less traveled by
Than the one that's already been led.
And if Today ever die
If Today ever end,
Then tomorrow I will wait
Tomorrow I will try again.



                                                       (Y Nhi Thi Thai)