The Emigratory Boat


That frost smoked evening, to the sea people set out.

Weeping willows drooped desolately the riverside about;

Clouds mixed with setting sun spread a rosy silky band.

Something somewhat fluttered uneasily in my sand.


There, was the emigratory boat from the Black River

Once leaving its marina thro sparse reeds that quiver.

Hey Hey! The habitual harmonious song since foretime

Vibrated in a rainy evening in the foreign clime.


The way back to the old native land was too distant,

On the sad span the step missed, the rumor inconsistent.

After the unfavorable weather, the ruthless storm,

Looking back to the marina the village grew a fuzzy form.


Eyes blurred by tears so brimful as the Đ River water;

The children were expected by the snowy haired mater.

This evening the universe on my soul lightly lights,

All the frost and smoke glimmer rising to their heights.


The two sides of the river have already separated,

Like the ancient Roman-Persian Wars that were fated.

So many martial songs have echoed on the departure day

And hoofbeats on the march resonated from far away.


Well, how much loving, missing, longing to fit feeling,

To send to that indistinct home town being to it kneeling.

In this very evening from various marinas everywhere

There still are other emigratory boats start out to dare.


Translation by THANH-THANH