At this turning point, “Hey, butterflies!” asked I

(Busy playing with flowers they ignored me thereby),

Then, “Virgin forest!” (It kept silent). And I passed

In the mountain wind which was whizzing that fast.

I looked at the poor trunks of old trees fallen to rot,

Felt compassion for things in decay like my own lot.

I raised my voice to call out humans (if there to be),

The birds and beasts made haste to flee from me.

The immense jungle to a standstill seemed eased;

I went astray for my inmost feelings to be appeased.

The inanimate spring sank deep into a quiet sleep;

The wild coolish orchid of nature stayed to creep.

“Wait, oh twilight!” in my heart choked my pray,

I suddenly felt pity for the sun of that still late day...


Translation by THANH-THANH