Youths! The Sacred Moment

Has Come!


         Youths! Our national sacred spirit is expecting us all

            The whole people are counting on us each hour withal (*)



Wael Ghonim (**) solemnly stated his decision to steady:

“To die for democracy and liberty, I am ready!”

The peoples of Tunisia, Egypt together shouted in bliss:

“Abolish dictatorship, one-party government, injustice!”


Vietnamese youths! you brothers, and you sisters,

Why waiting, not to courageously rise up like twisters?

Study well the struggling against the communist mar,

Those precious lessons in the dissolution of the USSR.


The Berlin Wall only in one night collapsed;

By demonstrators after one month Ben Ali fled the traps;

Egypt revolted and a glorious victory could achieve

Over Mubarack just after eighteen days to upheave.


The Jasmine Revolution succeeded itself to fulfill:

What tyrannical powers survive the peoples’ will?

Dear youths, do not look down your origin to forget,

Our motherland has called you speechlessly in fret.


Have you seen, huh, how many igloos of dynamite

Right below the bed of the brutal system, the blight:

“Robbery, misappropriation, murder in cold blood,

Landmarks, islands, Central Plateau Bauxite! Dud!

Woodland let out, territorial areas yielded to Chinese   

That corner Vietnamese economy, servility to please.

Cadres, authorities’ infinite dishonesty and greed,

Millions of poor folks’ deficiency in minimum need.”


Our ancestors’ examples are radient, courageous, stout;

Dear youths! Our sacred moment has come to start out!

Let us unanimously unite efforts to save our native land

Like previous Yen Bay youths, aggressors to withstand.


                 Translation by THANH-THANH


(1) From the song “Health for Country”

(2) Wael Ghonim is a young engineer who started the struggle for

liberty and democracy in Cairo, Egypt.