The Lunar Seventh Month is already back!

The two lovers may meet for only one night!

The Milky Way’s Bridge suddenly sinks away

Leaving behind rain and tears in a pitiful plight?


In the Seventh Month with pleasing prayers

Where have gone the deceased dear?

Are they still in the earth’s womb, the Hades,

Or freed as the fall leaves into the atmosphere?


In the Seventh Month, how piteous the leaves

Which were so green as not thought to change

But then turn purple by a few rain drops

And the purple fades as the elements disarrange.


In the Seventh Month I go out to seek a bit

Of rose sunlight as to follow the birds’ flight;

There over the mountaintop a curtain of mist:

I am afraid to be obliterated in the cloudy sight!


In the Seventh Month, oh honey! a whisper...

But any word only means just my heart to wring.

Why could that not be so smooth as a breeze

Very soft, very sweet as the coming of spring.


Translation by THANH-THANH