Inquiring after each friend to know that he/she

Is still there, my mind is inundated with glee.

While this life is full of wind and waves, brine,

The underworld is like day-dream, moonshine,

Friends to be still alive is my wish to satisfy. 


Human bondage is to live and die, live then die;

Thus the most mutually precious thing is love.

Love of parents, spouses, friends, all is above:

That affection is not, never listed for sale

Since our heart has neither measure nor scale.

A sentiment no catty can ever gauge or weigh,

So Love is priceless, its worth none can say.


In spite of anything on earth, shifty, delusive,

If we truly like one another, being unobtrusive,

Then why do we regret a greeting, a salutation?

Let us give, confer to warm our human relation.

Wed rather do it late than never, not to wait;

For affection everybody does want and need

To love and to be loved by other people indeed.

Let us express our sentiment, although belated.


You are still there! I am still here! Well elated!

Because we still have opportunities to meet,

To converse, to congratulate, to wish, to greet,

In full consideration, interest, cordiality, care

For the past, and for, no! not any future affair!

Forget it all! Let us only think of the present.

If our mind is quiet, soul easy, and life pleasant:

You are there! I am here! So, that is happiness!


Translation by Thanh-Thanh