In those days, I was still small and slight,

Living in the cloister all doors shut tight,

Day and night quietly with prayers in concord,

I prayed to God, in my heart the only Lord.

That noon from high I stealthily determined

To peep through railings down at the tamarind:

My God! Girls! under palm leaf conical hats,

They giggled, bent down, swaying their plats.

They picked up the tamarind, showing their rump:

I unconsciously got upset – bottoms so plump!

I went into the library, sneakily read the books;

God said, “Son, they're forbidden fruits, hooks!”

“In the day you eat from them you will die!”

“All your life you will be miserable thereby!”

Back in, I had my rosary to say and reduplicate

Praying to help me keep my soul immaculate.

But, alas, the more I prayed to be a man kind,

The more that image invaded, ravished my mind.

While I saw no God, I only saw girls, beauts.

Forgive me, God! I lusted after forbidden fruits!

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