I have again returned to Hué City

With Trang Tien Bridge the pretty

And Huong Giang River the alluring

With clouds and sky to invite touring.


And Ngu Binh Mountain a high prize

Ever sacred like a dragon that flies,

The Nguyen kings over a hundred years

Raised the land so with others it pears.


Forever and ever Hué dwells in me

Phu Van Lau the solemn there to be.

Tho’ unfavorable the world may grow

This people can elude any blow

In this state the Old Capital will exist.


Defense of our sky and sea is urged

Even islands apparent or submerged...

Send word to those who come north

As well as go south from now forth

Not to forget our ancestors long ago

Taught us life or death to end any woe.


Oh! My so beloved Hué City

Each time I come back to you to see

I don’t fail to whisper, Phu Xuan dear

Thuan Hoa the much treasured sphere

The famous old holy Imperial Capital

Of Vietnam always remembered by all.


Translation by THANH-THANH