We are still inside ourselves but it seems as if      

It is only to render our lives wastefully stiff.

We have sworn to rush thro jungle, up stream,

But we have not had to require that dream.


Washing dry the night tears of ponder, sting,

I repent having put your life on a downswing.

Let us consider it as if we have not met

So that in the future it will be easy to forget.


However, your heart is not a door to stands

For you to open or close among people's hands,     

While I heard you once breathed out a moan     

At the place where you had cried alone.


For your eyes to grow greener, color of grass,     

You depart, leave our conjugal love's impasse.

Were we to re-enter the old connubiality,

It would also be our very lives' ephemerality.


Translation by  THANH-THANH