The evening is coming late;

The sun gradually fades on each high hill.

You hurriedly call out for me to halt and wait;

There is not a star in the sky immense and chill.

You are unlucky, I am unsteady;

You go into darkness, I come into dejection.

What for since on the wane already is my complexion.

Let us live each like a clam

Quiet in its shell, not giving a damn

Thirty years bittersweet...

Ups and downs, getting into a jam

For vicissitudes to maltreat.

I wish I could crucify

Once the silk spread...

The spider that span at random its webs by

To waste the cocoon’s selectivity so long bred!

My shape through days has got to recede

And my love through years... covered with seaweed!


Translation by THANH-THANH