Published in the anthology "Best Poems of 1997"

          (Maryland: The National Library of Poetry, 1997)



I have heard palaver, over historic issues ranged,
Such as, "If Cleopatra’s nose had been shorter,
The whole face of the world would have changed!"
But who asked "How?" would be a blabber aborter!


I have heard of legitimate possessions justification
Quoting, "Render unto Caesar the Caesar’s things!"
But people are unaware of such self-devastation,
For Jesus added, "Unto God the Heavenly King’s"!


I have heard the priests against incest preach;
But they can absolve repentant believers from any sin!

Well, how could be born of Adam’s descendants each
If Cain had not had intercourse with his own kin


I have experienced the Marxist-Maoist illogicality;
They force you to accept and believe their beliefs:
A classless society but for the proletariat partiality
And a stateless world but under communist chiefs!


So, I do acclaim and support any good success
And do further accept theoretically good intentions
But never extol and thank what is utopian guess:
Man at these times only needs realistic inventions!