Thanh-Thanh is Mr. Nhuận Xuân Lê 's (poetry) pen name.

His other pseudonyms are: Kiều-Ngọc (prose), Nguyệt-Cầm (drama), Người Thơ (critique), Tú Ngông (satire), Lê Chân-Nhân & Đức-Cố Lê (research), etc.


He leads Xây-Dựng (Constructiveness), the literary group that was depicted, owing to its numerous works by various authors, as one of the main branches of the Vietnamese Secular Cultural Tree diagram exhibited at the unique pre-1975 National Cultural Festival in Saigon, capital of the former Republic of Vietnam.


Thanh-Thanh (Nhuan Xuan Le) began to write poetry in English after his resettlement as a political refugee in the States in 1992.  


In the United States, he published

Cơn Ác-Mộng (The Nightmare, 1998) the poems he composed while imprisoned by the communists for more than 12 years.

Serving the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, he published 

Cảnh-Sát-Hóa, Quốc-Sách Yểu-Tử của Việt-Nam Cộng-Ḥa (The Police Plan, an aborted national policy of the Republic of Vietnam, 2002), reprinted as 

Việt-Nam Cộng-Ḥa - Cảnh-Sát-Hóa: Quốc-Sách Yểu-Tử, 2005” which joins his previous book of memoirs 

Về Vùng Chiến-Tuyến (Return to the Front Line, 1996), and recently

Biến-Loạn Miền Trung(Rebellion from Central Vietnam, 2012)

to reveal more untold causes and potential lessons of the US-backed South Vietnam's fall.

He also reprinted his favorite poetic pieces in

Thơ Người Thơ” -  “Bảy Mươi Năm Làm Thơ (Selected Poems by Thanh-Thanh - 70 Years Writing Poetry, 2012).


About English Poetry, he has published:

Poems by Selected Vietnamese, 2005

Vietnamese Choice Poems, 2013” and 

Dragon & Fairy in Poetry, 2021.”


He has had a lot of pieces printed in about 50 anthologies of English poetry published in the USA and the United Kingdom:

Wind in the Night Sky (Owings Mills, Maryland: National Library of Poetry, 1993);

Best New Poems (Parkwille, Maryland: Poets' Guild, 1994);

American Poetry Annual (Baltimore, Maryland: The Amherst Society, 1994);

Outstanding Poets of 1994 (Owings Mills, Maryland: NLP, 1994);

The Sound of Poetry (Owings Mills, Maryland: NLP, 1994);

Best Poems of 1995 (Owings Mills, Maryland: NLP, 1995);

Who's Who in New Poets (New York, New York: Who's Who in New Poets, 1996);

Best Poems of the '90s (Owings Mills, Maryland: NLP, 1996);

Best Poems of 1997 (Owings Mills, Maryland: NLP, 1997);

Outstanding Poets of 1998 (Owings Mills, Maryland: NLP, 1998);

A Celebration of Poets (Owings Mills, Maryland: International Library of Poetry, 1998);

A Treasury of Great Poems (Ashland, Oregon: FPS, 2000);

Letters From the Soul (Owings Mills, Maryland: ILP, 2001);

Poetry Magazine (New Jersey: New 1 Publications, March and May 2001);

The Best Poems and Poets of 2001 (Owings Mills, Maryland: ILP, 2001);

New Millennium Poetry (Talent, Oregon: Famous Poets Society, 2002);

The Best Poems and Poets of 2002 (Owings Mills, Maryland: ILP, 2002);

Theatre of the Mind (London: Noble House, 2003);

The Colors of Life (Owings Mills, Maryland: ILP, 2003);

Colours of the Heart (London: Noble House, 2004);

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Our 100 Most Famous Poets - the Brief Chronicles of Our Time (Talent, Oregon: FPS, 2004);

Great Poems of the Western World (Talent, Oregon: Famous Poets Society, 2005);

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Angels of Poetry (Betty Cummins Starr-Joyal, 2018);



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Thanh-Thanh (Nhuan Xuan Le) is a member of P.E.N. International (through PEN America); and a lifetime member, in the Hall of Fame, of the International Society of Poets.


His book This Land of Promises is a selection of his English poems (not published yet);  and Poems by Select Vietnamese, Vietnamese Choice Poems together with Dragon & Fairy in Poetry are collections of various Thanh-Thanh's English verse translations of the works by 138 Vietnamese poets and poetesses living in the USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, and Vietnam.


Vietnamese Choice Poems, published by Xlibris (ISBN 978-1-4931-2196-0) in 2013 was chosen by Amazon Editors as one of their Favorite Books of the Year, Best Books of 2014.




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