It was on the 1998 Bicentenary of Our Lady’s Apparitions in La Vang that the most prominent Roman Catholic personages, ecclesiastics as well as intellectuals, wrote and quoted what had been written about the La Vang event, as a general summary of those history-related materials.  And it was owing to this occasion that I could find the answer to almost everything questionable so far in the La Vang issue.


        First of all, I must affirm that I am against the religious persecutions:  they were (and still are) barbarous, inhuman, and unacceptable.  I also respect the Blessed Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.


        But the Madonna could appear wherever and whenever She chose to, provided She really did it.


       And this is only about her Apparitions in La Vang (Vietnam). (And all was written, reported and stored by all those Roman Catholic VIPs; I only am the collector).


        Please be patient, objective, and wait until you have read all (eight Chapters, especially the last) to give your opinion.


        Thank you very much.


         La Vang