Phuong is still in me like in my dreaming years.

He that loves, his beauty how he heartily spheres!

That flamboyant-colored dress now dust blurs,

In the old school-yard my tearful memory recurs.

I asked... when you left... why the sun fell in dole,
Your shadow died on the porch, I cried in my soul.

Each step you got farther, farther to what clime?
You killed my love, the love of all my lifetime.

Summer comes back, flamboyant flowers display

Like blood in my heart dropping on the return way.
Oh, whose figure, as firecracker rubbish to daze;
Ruined, I silently drag my feet unaware in a maze.

I thought that the old dream had forever vanished
As a free bird drifting to some horizon unwished,
But all of a sudden... your image... I visualize...
Listless, my youth has faded pitifully to actualize.


Well, even summer is back, I do not await you,

Tho old shore still pines for former boat, so blue!

I am at the top of the street, you end of the river;

Sea divides, waves crash, to hurt this loyal liver.


                Translation by thanh-thanh