Where is the gong? The drum is here!

From some very far region to this sphere,

Unheard is gong & drumís donnybrook whoopee,

Only a monk is seen at the foot of the tree.


These few days sheís thought me to be cracked

Jawing aimlessly under certain inner impact.

Oh, no! my dear, that very rhyme of glee

Is a rose Iíve adoringly offered you for free.


I heartily bestow on you a very fond smile

Without an opened-mouth or moved-lipsí style.

Eyes closed, I sit musing for imagination to grow;

Thus there are no lyrics in this musical solo.


The moktak sounds accompany the bell sounds;

Perfumes pervade the firmament without bounds;

The bright star shining lustrously the night sky

Disperses peaceful light all over far and high.


Namo the benevolent Buddha within my heart,

And the God reigning in paradise smart;

Today everything on earth seems so mild,

Because the whole world has just smiled.


Translation by Thanh-Thanh