No, thank you, darling!  But, I love you.

To overstep Pure Love, I do not do.

For both of us the utmost end to gain,

From ephemeral pleasure I must abstain.


Let us be consistent, encourage each other,

For now and later on, value to recover.

Together with law and public opinion,

Conscience is the miraculous dominion.


(If ever you gave up your keen wager,

Lead loose a life like many a teenager,

To become a single mother: well, thatís it!

Gone with the wind, fairy dreams to quit!


But, the minor-fathered generations new

Inheriting the immature dadsí low IQ ,

When each grown into a parent, a national

How could compete for a life rational?)


We will entrust each other body and soul

On a bridal night officially as a whole.

True Love deserves being kept sublime,

And Virtue preserved for our lifetime.