From a far-away hardship-ridden country,

A war-ravaged native land sunk in welter,

My people, trying to survive troubled times,

Swallowed resentment to flee and seek shelter.


How many cities there are on the globe,

My Vietnamese compatriots are in most present;

Even on the snow-covered high mountain areas,

We, as refugees, willingly accepted, pleasant.


Twenty seven years adrift in this new country,

Many have luckily succeeded getting homes to own,

Creating positions and fame worthy of being Viet,

Though some with their old state into perils thrown.


Twenty seven years, so much favor and felicity!

The US, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, so on

Have so far helped our folks in their lives with

Physical and intellectual comforts to build upon.


As for me... ten years in this foreign land

I have witnessed freedoms, press, human rights,

Civilization, modernization everywhere

As hard working, hard studying lead to heights.


Thank you for all of your humane hearts

With my genuine rhymes of inmost laudation.

We Vietnamese communities pledge devotion

To lifetime service to every resettlement nation...


Translation by THANH-THANH