You’ve Once Come


into My Life



Once into my life, one has come,

During the winter evenings that glum.

Whose shoulders the rain rendered soggy?

What firmament the wind turned foggy?

Which seas the clouds caused smoggy?


One has once come into my life,

While my soul was with wet winter rife.

The road was full of leaves yellow,

The old path full of footprints mellow.

My heart was as hollow as empty time,

And how dark was the oblivion clime!


Once come into my life, one has;

To rumble, evening waves acted as.

Whose hands in the hazy mist so tender?

What songs warm them tried to render?


Into my life, one has once come,

Heard spirit words up with as to chum.

The casuarina trilled long the lullaby;

Of such regret so sweet felt the sigh.

To the graveyard on our way back:

How the sepulchral area looked so black.


One has come into my life, once, then

Does not recollect anything again!

You! Who have come into my life, clever:

Do you not remember whatsoever?


Translation by THANH-THANH