That day in August, Autumn seemed so strange;

Your eyes grew sad like in grass blades a change.

The road sighed in the yellow cloudy sun,

Love faced down, anxiety got leaves moss dun.


Also a day in August, Autumn had been sea blue;

The birds had returned to warm their kiss due;

The romantic poem of each other helping take hold;

The small attic opening its heart on the land tho cold.


On that day in August, Fall had gilded the white earth;

Your soft arms as dreamy pillows in an ocean mirth;

Crashed by the waves in the moon the cliff worn;

The fall wind bringing back a clear perfumed morn.


Then, that day in August, Autumn sank abruptly low,

The ground silently cried, broken the love glow.

You lied to me so that I felt I wanted to weep,

No vessel could transport my soul in sorrow deep.


Yes, that day in August returned adding a year in age,

My poor maternal place grew wings to a wild stage;

And my love too since then got adrift dilution

While my immediate existence had not yet a solution.



Translation by THANH-THANH