The sunshine is cavorting around, in its play

With wind and clouds: what freedom composition!

I feast my eyes upon each innocent beam, ray,

Like a round eye wide open on the leafy partition.


Oh, how much I cherish that summer sunshine?

As I am quite a lot fond of the leaves on the trees;

I also love the sweet wind and to see it run fine

Like the white clouds softly floating in the breeze.


But the Hongkong sunshine, to me, is not nice

Especially to all of boat people here these crowds.

Poor sunshine! It cannot get of the cake any slice:

Locked in, with us, it enjoys no wind and clouds.


I catch to fondle in each caring though little hand

Each jot of sunshine, like me, the fences cramp.

To await a tomorrow, I will together with it stand,

To take dear sunshine out of this forbidden camp.


                Translation by THANH-THANH