Manís true heart always stays in the eternal cavern clear,

No foreign continent can delude the Oriental sphere.

There will be a day we return, as the river wakes up,

Lean on bamboo canes to calmly admire fatherland dear.


The long range of mountains opens, the moon welcomes,

In the thatched cottage of aplomb remain the loyal chums.

You tender honey through the Sun and the Moon time

Had to go adrift unaware of where since the era of scums!


We have been longing for a permanent spring of life,

The horses repent, in the pastures surrender their strife.

The melancholic aloewood in infatuated forests shakes,

The sunlight warms fragrant yellow apricots wakerife.  


In the green monastery thousand pages of history cream

Tell us the million-year spring filled with a peaceful dream:

Only the lower earthly place gets transformed in grief,

Humans come and go, within limits their footprints teem.


In our innermost we nurture the migrating birdsí plight

Craving for their singing back on the high hills in delight.

Our staunch souls perfumed with white lotus scent,

Oh universe! our love of native land is so deep and bright!


As we put out the fire, we end all myriad of abjection;

Tolerance concepts rise with the sunshine to perfection.

Do you hear the Spring that has just begun to exist

In each of our hearts like wonderful flowers of affection?


Translation by THANH-THANH