I gazed in the album at my dear Mom’s picture
And realized that now is so far-off her figure
I listened to the rain as if on my heart flick

The wind blow making me agitatedly nostalgic


Although is abundant my current subsistence
Neither my Mom nor my Dad stays in existence
As a child I was so dull being by Mom kissed

Now that I know whom to love, Mom is missed


Mom departed this life during a difficult time
Scurrying beneath the burden in our poor clime

Until your last days on manioc hand to mouth
While I was in prison as a “puppet” of the South


Such a hard period Dad and Mom bore your part
That feeling of gratitude I bury deep in my heart
Dear Mom please accept from this sad son adrift
On this commemorative day my little humble gift   


Vu Lan mid-seventh month, the filial duty event

Between life and death how far to suffer torment

Joss-sticks and candles spark, the wind uprears

I don’t cry but why my eyes get wet with tears


               Translation by THANH-THANH