You are the eternal fresh stream I swim in;

The fragrant flowers to bloom that begin;

The marvellous bright moon all over the sphere;

The cool breeze into drought what cheer!

The Great Buddha leading to enlighten me;

The needed rain for the dry desert such glee!

The new luscious fruit on me trees bestow;

The honey milk that nourishes, helps me grow;

The holy incantation that brings me fortitude;

The sacred amulet that wards off evil, turpitude;

The tall evergreen offering shade  jade green;

The wells drinking water about it I am so keen;

The lately reaped rice that is in bumper crop;

The vast ocean with surf waves that never stop;

The remote deep forest nursing rain and shine;

The sweet lyric, melodious music vibrating fine;

The light from the solar system on all species;

The universes heaven and earth, lifes vertices;

You gave me the virtuous, altruistic, sane brain;  

You, Mother, undescribable by words mundane,

You are all, everything of highest moral value;

Beloved Mommy! Im solemnly grateful to You.


Translation by THANH-THANH