Your nice eyes look like an autumn lake,

Your sweet voice lulls me in love to partake.

I wish there only were the two of us

Although not only we two to yearn for thus:  

That night, while looking up at each star,

I dreamed of, together with you, traveling afar.

But, admiring your deep eyes, the lake of fall,

Our long trip dream of that time I forgot all.  

With the wind through the window prolonged

I recall your eyes for which those days I longed.

How the ways of life have seemed desolate:

As I go farther my missing you is to escalate.  


In this place there are enough mountains, hills,

And the blue sky, the small spring, the gills.

You sit by the blind, your hair hangs down;

This is the poem I just wrote for you as a crown.



Translation by THANH-THANH