Smokes and flames, blood and tears

on the television screen spread dyeing.

On September the eleventh in California

I tuned in, watched and burst out crying.


Oh, my God!  I saw New York tumble,

Washington DC’s heaven and earth quake.

Terrorism! War! yells and shouts resounded

clearer than ever before to make me shake.


The States had been in peace and left open,

the barbarous profited from this to violate;

they hijacked the planes, piloted, crashed

casting their trunks thousands’ fates to waste.


The Twin Towers submerged in the smokes,

the Pentagon’s steel and stones fell into ruin.

Alas!  the whole America got in panic,

the whole world started, disgusted at the sin.


The heartless terrorists, seeing human blood

were they satisfied, madder in this condition?

what species are they that hate coziness?

who are they that only thirst for demolition?


Whatever happened nobody’d starve in the US

but would die of pangs if humans pain;

though the States is not a paradise,

were it chipped, what’d of the world remain?


The terrorists did really embarrass

not only this country but the world affiliation;

the élite will make up their minds

considering measures in revenge, retaliation.


Oh, friends! my heart ached all that morning

and has so far suffered such sadness sable;

I have been astonished and wondered why:

though pitiless the terrorists are still able?


Million hands were raised demanding to fight!

million prayers were said asking to excuse!

I felt so compassionate for President Bush:

he was moved the historical course to choose.


Flags and flags are hung, door to door expand;

in melancholy the States is still forever grand.


Translation by THANH-THANH