I always remember my former teachers’ lessons

Leaving in our juvenile mind deep impressions.

Cross-armed we listened to their wonderful precept;

Each commandment was beau ideal for us to accept.


The teachers looked at us and could guess, smart,

Thro’ our eyes a dear homeland in our inner heart.

They admonished us that we are of Viet descent:

Anywhere to live, always recall it, never to be bent.


Your lection on human behavior you gave so clever,

Even in troubles I have kept in memory for ever.

Your succulent explanations in our ears still ring;

How sweet... how could I forget such well-spring.


I have promised that we will try to win the laurel

And continue to learn/acquire that unrealized moral.

The precious teachers’ teachings are all books above

And above all manifest such a sense of noble love.


Adaptation by THANH-THANH