Souls' Harmony


I have now returned here where I saw you away 

Nearly two years ago but it seems just yesterday. 

The wind blows gently, the sun sheds yellow light 

On the row of lopsided tombstones what a blight! 


The evening sun fell on every spotted tree root, 

You were resting resigned in the coffin deaf mute. 

Relatives couldn't help you being forever to depart, 

Swallowed their choked sobbings into their heart. 


Thru the crematory as to eternity a passport holder 

At last stage you carried the cross on your shoulder. 

I followed you, hanging down like a stooping leaf;  

Your wife and children sank in inconsolable grief. 


Here is the place I waved my hand in mind so sour 

The last location you received each farewell flower: 

The flowers were multicolored, but in such a dole 

They were purple, grey, livid, dark inside my soul. 


This is the crematorium with high-tension potential  

Five thousand volts, to integrate with the essential 

That to it even so hot, you were to yourself resign 

Into dust, back to dust, oh this dear scion of mine. 


I am standing here to invoke your wandering spirit 

Relying on wind and clouds onto my shoulder to sit 

So that father and son, our two souls harmonize, 

I find happiness though in a jiff ceasing to agonize. 


                      translation by THANH-THANH