Thank you, the Buddha who's had pity on me

So that from so many vicissitudes of life I am free;

Raising my eyes to look at anyone without shame,

Filial piety and loyalty kept, I've attained my aim.


Thank you, my beloved Vietnam fatherland

For lavishing your favor on me, I understand,

Over four thousand years our  history inheritable

How many examples magnanimous, indomitable!


Thank you my kind parents who gave me birth

Brought me up, educated; proud to be on earth,

I know the evil to avoid, with the good to comply:

The credit is due to them, the merit mountain-high.


Thank you everybody everywhere far and near,

My lineage, my family precious, my friends dear

Who have been fond of me in this life in chime,

Our existence is always beautiful like springtime.


Thank you, America, the Americans humane

For receiving with wide arms people mundane

Rescuing, relieving on the globe so many a soul

Not distinguishing race, color, just those in dole.


Thank you, Abbot, my Master, each bonze, nun

For giving me Wisdom long since well done.

Your rich graces to develop my mind wakerife

Have provided me with enough luggage in life.


                       Translation by THANH-THANH