Don’t look at me any longer, my dear;

This fresh flower had already turned sear.

Why did you continue to see me again?

That would only give our hearts pain.


He has finally forgotten me for good.

Forgotten me? As he completely could!

The autumn moon has broken in two;

Which bird flown back to its clime due?


Oh bird! ever happen to meet him if you,  

Send word, I still remember, in the blues.

My life’s flower had so obviously faded;

Every night I sob on sad pillows shaded.


In any generation if we love one another,

Mind! find the yet unblown you’d rather.

Fresh flowers to freshness always adhere;

Ingenuous love thus encounters no fear.


My hot tears are soaking the pillow white;

Where are you? where you are just tonight?

The bridal wine tastes bitter, of my own?

Why do I have to drink it up all alone?


Translation by THANH-THANH