Let me paint all in this picture, the windy sky,

The leaven of love that once ascended the throne high.

I caringly caress while drawing the spray of benignity;

Smiles like flowers on lips keep blooming in dignity.


My affection for the Muse, for the moving space,

Ten buds of painstaking fingers melodiously interlace,

As if toasting in a drinking bout, what friendship tender!

Even on one occasion, how it seems forever to gender!


I have come here in the North-East penetrating cold

To miss each drop of yellow dry sun in my country old,

With modest luggage, the memory of that evening party

Suffused with nostalgia I send to you wrapped, hearty.


I paint the picture of my lover in the windy firmament,

And myself to sit here to count my solitude permanent,

The wild bird upon a time straying from life’s feast,

Darling! Let me confide to you this fervid twilight yeast.


Translation by THANH-THANH