There was once I looked like a leaf withering

Facing dreams nights crying over my appearance,

Hearing in the cold penthouse crickets whispering

Arousing dole in their monotonous perseverance.


I then seemed nearly to be kind of alga blades

Drifting along with such an immense water flow.

Where was each petal of time falling in the shakes

To make my poor lonely soul so tinted with woe?


I felt myself similar to a willow dried and bare

Standing lonesome by that roadside segregated

Listening to the coming autumn in a breach of air

No more past halo: for what was it to be waited?...


But now, however, all of a sudden, I've had you

A little love which both of us just got fondly lit.

Oh yes, how this passion acts as a ball of fire due

To light my heart with innermost feeling in it.


I had experienced half of my dear existence

And it had left me only the moment of grief rife.

Let me use that remaining half of my subsistence

To share with you the ups and downs of our life.


           Translation by  THANH-THANH