If he won her heart, he would brag
That those who courted her he rose above;
Being in glory, he surely would never nag
At having allegedly misplaced his love!

If she succeeded in knowledge and talents,
She would find pride of a dignified human,
Between sterner and weaker no imbalance
Worth complaining of being a woman!

If you have been living a truly pious life,
You would end being saved by the Savior;
About those not surviving disasters' strike,
You would assert they paid for ill behavior!

If they determined a Just Cause to pursue,
They would sacrifice their lives so dear;
And anti-war movements would peace renew
But not casualties try to dodge, out of fear!

If the United States won the Vietnam battle,
It would embellish its history right along
And not be a victim for McNamara to rattle
In his retrospect, "We were terribly wrong!"