Oh Ha Long Bay, under the clouds, as imposing as eer,

Like a sea dragon from the ocean to have appeared there,

With its sweet stream, sailboats slowing down for miles

To contemplate picturesque stalactites, water circling isles.


Huong River always graceful to reflect the sunshine;

Trang Tien Bridge to connect the light rhythmic steps so fine;

Thien Mu Pagoda with its bell sounds in the deep night;

Ben Ngu, Van Lau to arouse compassion at each site.


With vast paddy-fields in the country blossoming yellow,

Cuu Long Plain to offer plenty of plants green, fruits mellow;

Rice, in the bright moon, the pestles competing to pound;

What pastoral scenes: songs harmoniously to resound!


Oh my charming mountains and water, now being at bay,

My beloved motherland from Her I have been far-away!

My heart is suffering with deep regret for nostalgia, for all:

The sunlight fades, the evening grows dim, the leaves fall...


Translation by THANH-THANH