Its all over, farewell to you henceforth ocean!

I wave and tears wet my eyes in deep emotion.

I want to give you my last will about it I grieve,

Knowing that the sea is sad to see the sailor leave.


In such silence I watch the vast ocean wake up,

The black night behind the horizon to wind up.

Do you understand, sea, that when the sun glows,

How I miss and regret  Oh, sea! Who knows!


The waves are still bobbing along the old Keel

As a soft lullaby to kiss the mossy hair in zeal.

The Ship and I admire each other for the last time

To be dazed amidst wash in a far-away clime.


So fragile is the waves foam in this existence

That stepwise shatters in the wind to weep distance.

Id come while the sea was whispering, calling out;

Now that Im leaving do you remember this bout?


The forsaken Ship whose body is buried in the sand

Half of it lies deep under the water but not to strand,

The other half gets attached to the sky high far:

The sea Bird mourns for her love of the North Star.


I myself with the Ship cohesive thro a long time

Like seagulls that have grouped together in chime,

Now that Im letting go, seeing my lonely sea blue,

I beg to be a little wave to comfort, console You.


Translation by THANH-THANH