Published at last in the magazine "WordBridge" Volume V

              (Florida: The Writer' s Post, 2004)


Since then I have undergone a thinking innovation

That  both  female and male take the same orientation.

To appreciate your feelings, emotional and carnal blend,

I íve got to meet your needs to be worth your boyfriend.


Since then I have been using belts of quality brands

To prevent disappointment when youíre taking off my pants.

Under smart clothes, I have worn smooth, sleek briefs

To satisfy your sights, excite your desire to rise to peaks.


Since then I have cared  to wash more often all right

To prepare sweet taste for waves and winds to gain height.

Juicy fruit, luscious stamen pure and clean in summer sun

Is the yeast of love past tongue, through throat to run.


Since then I have done gymnastics, diligently exercising,

On-arms, on-knees, self-supporting, legs-bending applying.

To reach climax in intercourse you need staying power

Not only flex muscles, but strain nerves above all to tower.


Since then I have taken various nutritious foods, tonics

To be able to enjoy pleasures having in potency frolics.

For giving and receiving must be durable with much clout,

You cannot be worn-out, and weak, or half-in half-out.


Since then I have played the so-called independent role

In disregard of surroundings, just only to get you whole.

Characteristic habits have become customary affections:

Beyond the age of eighteen is beyond parentsí objections.



                                     *    *  


But, as your boyfriend, I havenít had assured rests and kips:

To hitch up your skirts is simple as to re-define your lips.

The prospects of family are so dimmed in the value field

As ethic is made light of, only just for carnal need to yield.